KBR Voice Data Communication Foreman in Wilmington, Delaware

Title: Voice Data Communication Foreman

Location: US-US-DE-Wilmington

Job Number: 1069310

Job Description: Telecommunication Foreman

Position Reports to: Supervisor

Job Purpose Summary:

The Foreman is a front-line supervisory position, a working position that is responsible for both supervisory tasks as well as physical construction. The Foreman must possess considerable knowledge of methods, materials, and techniques used in telecommunications construction, along with an ability to communicate effectively, maintain working relations with supervisors and subordinates, and resolve problems with appropriate and timely decisions. A Foreman may train employees under his supervision, ensure appropriate use of equipment by employees, communicate progress on the project and maintain the employee schedule.

Key Responsibilities/Duties:

The Foreman’s major duty is to verify that all workers at the project site are working safely and efficiently and that everything is going per the suggested plan. Their duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Job Preparation

– Assess job priorities; verifying that all required materials and tools are ready and available;


– Lay out daily work schedule and assign tasks to appropriate individuals; enforce company policies, regulations and safety standards; provide regular on the job instruction concerning installation procedures and use of equipment;


– Making sure safety precautions are followed daily; conduct regularly scheduled safety audits; coordinate with Safety department; follow reporting procedures for work related injuries; make sure individuals have up to date safety training per the given task;


generate material list for quote, estimate labor hours, RFI, AWR, red line as-builts and provide test results; communicate with supervisor and project team for updates;

Equipment Maintenance

– Perform daily preventative maintenance on all assigned equipment assuring that tools, vehicles, and equipment are properly maintained and kept in proper working condition; notify Supervisor of any equipment issues;


– It is imperative to the growth and effectiveness of the company that each foreman be an effective communicator. Sharing ideas and communicating key issues to their supervisors and managers will ensure that situations are handled proactively before they become issues. The goals of communication are to inform, clarify and exchange information. The more informed we are the better armed we are to handle all situations.

Working Conditions:

• Able and willing to work in inclement weather conditions

• On Call

• Willing to work evenings, weekends and extended hours as required by the workload

Physical Demands:

• Lift, squat, walk, push, pull, climb, reach overhead and bend to the floor

• Stand, sit, move around throughout the work period

• Ability to lift 50 pounds

Job: IT Networks