KBR SCA Supply Technician (01410)-APS-3-MSSA in Goose Creek, South Carolina

Title: SCA Supply Technician (01410)-APS-3-MSSA

Location: US-US-SC-Goose Creek

Job Number: 1064462

This position performs limited aspects of technical supply management work (e.g. inventory management, storage management, cataloging and property utilization) related to depot, local or other supply activities.

Work usually is segregated by commodity area or function and controlled in terms of difficulty, complexity or responsibility.

Assignment usually relate to stable or standardized segments of technical supply management operations; or to functions or subjects that are narrow in scope or limited in difficulty.

The work generally involves individual case problems or supply actions.

This work may require consideration of program requirements together with specific variation in or from standardized guidelines.

Assignments require:

(a) a good working knowledge of the governing supply systems, programs, policies, nomenclature, work methods, manuals or other established guidelines; (b) an understanding of the needs of the organization serviced; and (c) analytical ability to define or recognize the dimension of the problems involved, to collect the necessary data to establish the facts and take or recommend action based upon application or interpretation of established guidelines.

Responsibilities of the Position:

Performs clerical and physical tasks in connection with shipping and receiving equipment.

Performs day-to-day, routine tasks IAW the PWS and all related Army Regulations.

Can handle unusual non-routine shipping and receiving tasks or issues.

Receives specific guidance from supervisor or other officials.

May direct and coordinate the activities of other workers engaged in handling goods to be shipped or being received.

Will be responsible of training other employees.

Shipping duties typically involve the following:

Verifying items received are correct for shipment

Ensuring that shipments are properly identified and packaged

Ensure all documentation, e.g., (MRO’s, 1149’s, MSL) is accurately completed.

Oversee all loading of equipment

Ensure all equipment scheduled for pick up is loaded.

Prepare and keep records of goods shipped, e.g., manifests, bills of lading, update a shipping database.

Retrieve and maintain Hazdek qualification.

All other duties as assigned

Receiving duties typically involve the following:

Verify incoming equipment

Verifying no damage to equipment

Preparing documentation for SDR/TDR submission when required.

Ensuring that goods are appropriately identified and processed for routing to the different shops or storage;

Preparing and maintaining records

All other duties as assigned

Physical Requirements:

Standing - between 2 to 3 hours per day

Walking - between 4 to 5 hours per day

Lifting - up to 35 lbs. periodically

Squatting, kneeling, bending, reaching and climbing - periodically

Work outside and inside in non-climate controlled environments


High school diploma or equivalent.

Knowledge and experience working with Safety Data Sheets.

Excellent written and oral communication skills.

5 years’ experience in secretary or administrative assistant positions, or relevant and related positions

KBR is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, veteran status, genetic information, union status and/or beliefs, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

Job: Logistics/Warehouse